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4 Reasons why Binary Options Traders Fail

Despite the massive army of investors who specialize in binary trading, only a few succeed. The reason for this is in the common mistakes that accompany the work of non-professional investors in the binary market. In our material, we will analyze the main list of technical errors of binary traders and give a list of recommendations for their correction that will help investors to reach the heights of financial well-being and professional level in binary trading.

So, the first major mistake that leads to loss of investor capital is the work to be ineffective, unsafe for the investment funds trading platform. Traders in the pursuit of the minimum conditions for initial investment completely lose sight of other indicators of the effectiveness of trading platforms. As a result, due to the lack of necessary technical tools, and generate optimal trading conditions for trading, they quickly lose their capital funds and become losers. To effectively trade on the binary market and have protection for their investments need to use the services of professional operators brokerage services, which have the technical capabilities and the list of trading conditions:

  • The availability of a regulatory license, ideally an
  • Trading conditions with the minimum parameters, but at the same time, the optimal ratio of the volume of capital and the cost of rates
  • A professional terminal with a set of diverse technical analysis tools and functional settings that allow you to maintain a variety of trading modes
  • Access to the broadest range of trading assets
  • The availability of effective binary options training
  • Efficient analytics for trading in the options market
  • Fast monetization of trading funds

This list of technical and commercial conditions of the broker's work characterizes the professional level of the operator and allows you to make a choice in favor of an efficient trading platform. As an example, a professional market player offers such a selection of conditions and tools for trading:

  • license FMRRC
  • Trading conditions - start-up capital of $ 10, the bet amount from $ 1 - the optimal ratio of the minimum trading conditions and their parameters contribute to efficient trading on the binary market
  • Terminal with indicator set and a set of graphical tools for market analysis. Also, the platform of the broker assumes a wide choice of technical settings for the trading schedule, a convenient range of rates expiration, contracts with a yield of up to 90%
  • Over 80 of assets of different areas of the financial market
  • A systematic approach to building a learning service
  • Qualitative Analytics
  • Monetization arrived with a waiting period of 24 hours

The next mistake of a novice investor is trading in the market without professional knowledge and skills. Most players believe that it is basic to make a profit and immediately rush into trading. As a result, without knowing the principles of market analysis and forecasting of quotations, as well as not having a clue as to the rules of risk management and formats of strategies to lose money. For professional work in the market, at least a core set of knowledge needed. You can use the training resources of brokers binary market. Here, quickly and without particular problems by innovative services, one can obtain both theoretical knowledge in binary trading and practical skills of working with options. For example, the training system of a market operator built on such information delivery tools:

  • A Beginner's Guide
  • Knowledge base
  • Video lessons
  • Webinars
  • Demo - account
  • Fundamental Errors of Binary Options Traders Basic Errors of Binary Options

After training on theoretical materials and having spent some time on the training simulator, the market participant can perform operations with options more professionally and obtain solid trading results.

The third mistake is trading without strategy

Unprofessional investors in most cases hope when working with options for their luck, rather than an explicit calculation and forecasting tools. Remember, you can not earn money on fortune telling. In any case, you will eventually lose your capital and leave the market. Any even minimally effective trading system ( what's this? ) Allows you to earn and save. The trading strategy ( 300 strategies ) includes a set of specialized analysis tools or approach of forecasting, based on certain patterns, established rules for dealing with optional contacts: choice of optimal asset trading hours, contract processing equipment, the rules of risk management - in all; this results in benefits Before the market. Having received a preponderance of favorable contracts at the level of 65%, the investor gets an excellent opportunity for profit growth, and any strategy has higher efficiency indicators. For example, a plan based on the Alligator Bill Williams allows you to receive up to 87% of the lucrative contracts:
The third error - trading without strategy Error third - trading without strategy
Thus, for successful trading options trading strategy is the primary tool and condition of the investor's work.

The fourth mistake - Undisciplinarity and passion of the investor

Binary trading is exciting and gambling, - making a profit the investor loses his head and puts ever higher tasks, completely forgetting about the risks of losing capital. Yes, options trading can give a negative result in the absence of a proper risk management regime.
But the simple rules of money management and the calculation of risks in the implementation of binary trading processes make it possible to earn stable in a mode safe for capital. Here, as an example of effective management, we give the standard rules:

  • To work on a minimum capital, use the initial amounts of the cost of contacts
  • When trading on a significant amount of a trading account, apply rates of up to 5% of the sum of the trading account

Of course, this list of the main mistakes of traders on the binary market is not exhaustive, but their correction in the work of any investor will lead to success and a high level of performance in the binary market.

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